A Visit To The Zoo

In the weekends, my family usually go outside to enjoy the warm sunshine and fresh air. Up to now, we’ve visited a zoo, an aquarium, a museum, and many parks.

Last time we visited the zoo in our city is about 5 months before. The zoo locates at the north of the city, and it’s a long distance from our home. So I chose to drive a car. About 10.am, we arrived there.  After parking,  all of the family, mother,  wife, son, and I entered the zoo together.

First, we visited the amphibians area. My wife and I had entered the gate before my little son stayed outside and seemed terrified and was unreluctant to get in. I got out again, told him the exhibition was very interesting and was valuable to pay a visit. Finally, I got the little boy in.

The amphibian area showed lots of interesting animals, included snakes, turtles, lizards, and so on. We even found a lizard called the chameleon,  what can change it’s skin’s color to match the colors around it.

Just left the amphibian area, we went to the Australian area. Australia is an amazing continent. It has been separated from other continents for thousands of year. So it enjoys a distinctive environment and has special animals. That day we were happy to see many kangaroos lying under the sunshine and enjoying their lives.

We then went to the African area. There we saw some ostriches leisurely walking in the yard, and a hippo diving in the water.

Finally, we visited the elephant area and were ready to go home.

It’s the first time to see such animals for my son, so he seemed very happy. I promised him to visit this zoo again some time later.


Other animals: frog, snake, turtle, lizard

dog, cat, mouse, ant

birds: duck, chicken, sparrow, pigeon, turkey, owl, parrot

forest: tiger, monkey, squirrel

prairie: lion, zebra, elephant, giraffe

desert: ostrich, camel

Australia: kangaroo

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