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My Chinese name is Liu Xianghui(刘向辉), and my English name is Spark. I graduated from Lanzhou University, with the two degrees of Bachelor of Management and Science.

I am good at Mobile App(Android, iOS, Windows 8) Development, Web Development, Android essay writing websites Framework & Linux Kernel. And I am interested in Ubuntu, NodeJS. Now I am focused on Node.js and full-stack development and work as a freelancer. You can find my blogs here. And you can contact me, too. My E-mail is xianghuiliu#163.com & largepuma#gmail.com.

刘向辉,08年兰大毕业,大学学的乱七八糟,学的管理和计算机,搞过网站。dissertation writing help 毕业后勉为其难找了个工作,整天修修电脑,搞搞网络。浪迹宁波一年半载,事业无成,于是转战南京,成为代码民工。搞过c++,java,python,javascript;熟悉Linux/Android平台,能用Qt+/GTK开发桌面应用,使用java开发Android APP,使用django/nodejs开发网站。




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